Friday, April 17, 2009

Beyond My 15 Minutes

Fame. OMG!!! Like it's totally awesome. I learned that last year when Dad was nominated. Suddenly the warm glow of camera lights were on MEEEEEEEEE!!!! The campaign itself was about bunch of boring stuff like the economy. But the important thing is that I was in the limelight. Then tragedy. The election was over and, like, I was a has-been. BUMMER!!! The name of Meghan McCain was doomed to fade away.

It was like that dude, Andy Whirlpool, said, "Everybody will be famous for 15 minutes." How true. All the kids of losing presidential candidates are famous for 15 minutes. Remember that horse-faced daughter of John Kerry from 2004 who wore that see-thru thingy? Well, I already forgot her name. Her 15 minutes were up. So that is my new absolutely awesome mission in life. To extend my 15 minutes of fame. That is why I have titled this blog and my new book, "Beyond My 15 Minutes."

Yes, I'll be like giving you all sorts of fab tips on how you too can extend your own 15 minutes of fame by following my example. Oh, and yeah, I'll sort of be telling Republicans how to reach out to young people, the twittering community, the otherly-gendered, and lots of other things and stuff. Actually that is my shtick for extending my 15 minutes. Think anybody would give a rat's ass damn about my opinion of a bunch of dull issues? YAWN! Nope. My gimmick is to slam conservatives. Shoo! You folks shouldn't be Republicans. You're too BOOOOORRRRRING!!! The moment I mentioned this I was back in the limelight again. All sorts of cable shows had me on as a guest. Larry King drooled as I told conservatives to STFU and, OMG, next week I'll be the guest co-host on The View for two whole days. CAN YOU BELIEVE!!!

So keep watching this blog. I will keep you updated on absolutely everything about the true meaning of my life which is to extend my 15 minutes of fame plus I will have sample chapters of my new book here. Oh, and I will let you know about some of my important Twitter updates. Like right now I am staring into my bellybutton and admiring the star tattoo on my foot. I just took a pic of that tattoo for your enjoyment. Isn't it awesome?

Back at ya later with the latest in my new exciting life! Remember, fame is the name of the game.


  1. You're a hoot, PJ.

    Meghan, tell us again all about how you represent the future of the GOP. Or what's left of the GOP, after you drive the conservatives out.

  2. Meghan, you ignorant slut.

    You proclaim that old school Republicans are yesterday's news when in fact it is the very old school Republicans who will lead this nation out of the mess created by your father and a host of other liberals.

    The fact that your Hope & Change kneepads are now on their second refurbishing ought to be an enormous clue for the entire world that you are nothing but a gravy-chugging sycophant for the Duh-bama you call your President.

    You'd best wise up little girl and realize that you're nothing but a tool for the same liberal media that pilloried your father and popped him in the shorts every change they got from January 2008 until November 4th. The fact that you continue to schmooze for their cameras only shows what a truly vapid media whore you are. Daddy must be so proud.

    In parting, I'd like to remind you that your latest blathering about a "GOP civil war" is about as funny as a cold artichoke and even less appetizing. If you want to spout off about something, at least stick to things you know about. I recommend Twinkies and American Idol. As for your remarks about the Grand Old Party, let me assure you that it got along just fine before you and it'll get along just fine without you.

    This and $2.00 will get you a tall coffee at your local coffee shop. Now beat it before I feel the need to turn you over on my knee and give you a lesson in manners that your parents clearly forgot to impart.


    Uncle Sam
    Your uncle by birth, not by choice.